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Ready for your Dive Adventure?

No Online bookings for diving. You must call for reservations

Look no further! Sea Monkey Adventure is ready to make your diving experience safe and memorable. 

Diving? Oh yeah we got diving! The waters off Key West offer so many options its hard to decide which location to choose. Reefs starting at 20' to 40' have an abundance of marine life and very easy access.


If you're looking for something a little more challenging then the Vandenburg is just the ticket.This 520' wreck was sunk in 2009 and is the worlds second largest artificial reek. It sits in about 140' of water and the deck starts at 100'. You will love this wreck!


Whatever your skill level is let Sea Monkey Ocean Adventures help you splash into your new memories.





Bring your dive certification (if diving), swim suit, beach towel, sunscreen, camera, food, drink, and a cooler if you like.

If you are prone to sea sickness, take/bring appropriate medication.

We will provide snorkel gear, water, snacks, ice, and a cooler.

We will provide lunch on the full day charter.

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